Mariposa Etc. is the portfolio my work, Marie Beland. Graphic Design is not only a job for me it is a passion. I enjoy doing different types of media from print to web, and the difference between my work and other designers is, "because I love what I do I put my best into my work".

A little about me; I have recently relocated in the Metro Atlanta area, Cumming, GA. I am a very dedicated designer. I always find a way to get my job done as fast as possible with the highest quality possible. Before perusing a degree in graphics I attended Heald College in Hayward, CA where I received an Associate Degree in Business Administration. After breezing through the course work there, graduating early with honors, I attended Silicon Valley College receiving my Bachelors and graduating Deans list!

Since then I've worked for a local print company and occasionally do freelance work.

I did a few professional freelance jobs while in school, one I was reccomended by one of my teachers for. I worked in the customer service industry prior to going to college full time so I know the importance of making a client happy and that is always my goal when designing. I can design something that looks nice, but if its not what my client wants what is the point?

Besides graphic design I enjoy playing sports and listening to music, in english as well as spanish, oh that is another perk, I speak, read and write in Spanish, so I can also do designs in Spanish.

So please enjoy your visit and look around at what I spend my time creating.